“Station” featuring Krishna Das

I’ve re-released “Station,” a song I recorded with my friend, Krishna Das many years ago, as a digital single. It’s now available to purchase on Bandcamp, and to stream on Apple MusicSpotify, and pretty much everywhere else.  Please check it out. 

It’s been nearly two decades since I wrote the song, “Station.” The words and melody came to me in a vivid dream, where I heard a friend’s voice singing this song over a little transistor radio. I woke up and immediately wrote every word down on scrap paper and then figured out how to sing it and play it on my guitar.

A few months later, I invited my friend Krishna Das to a small studio in Brooklyn, NY, to lend his vocals to this song I dreamed up and was now recording. KD has a perfect voice for country gospel, so incredibly soulful and heartfelt, and I’d always loved and admired his segues into classic spirituals like “Lighthouse” and “Jesus on the Mainline” during his kirtans.

What we made was the simplest of recordings, really: just me and KD singing together with a guitar. All these years later, “Station” feels perfect that way, kind of timeless in its simplicity. The lyrics feel that way to me, as well.

We’ve never sung this song together live, but I hope someday we will. For now, I hope you check it out and enjoy.

Lots of love,


“Station,” featuring Krishna Das

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  1. I love this song. I’ve had it on my playlist for years. I first heard it in a Brooklyn yoga class taught by Lesley D long ago. The lyrics and harmonizing are haunting and beautiful. Thank you for the backstory ❤️


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