The Grand Street Sessions

There is a Stan Lee post coming.  Given the sorry state of my computer, currently transitioning through its death throes and its replacement on its way, the post will likely be up in a couple days.

For now, I thought I’d take a moment to share some kirtan dates with you, as well as this short film I’ve put together to introduce The Grand Street Sessions, a 6 hour live kirtan recording we started back in April. I’m targeting 2019 as a release date for the recordings and a longer version of the film, once we figure out how to release both.

Also, I am now officially booking for 2019, so if you’d like us to come sing in your hometown, hit me up!

Now for those dates:

November 30: Brooklyn – Prema Yoga 7 pm
December 1: Manhattan – Life in Motion Yoga. 7 pm.
December 6: Brooklyn – Jaya Yoga Church St. 7 pm
December 7 – Kennett Square, PA
December 9 – Five Peaks Yoga, Loudon County, VA
December 20 – Brooklyn, Jaya Yoga East
December 29-Jan 2 – Orlando, FL

More, soon


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